WFMAC arnis

Arnis covers single baston (one stick) and double baston (two sticks) strikes and defenses, disarming techniques, flow drills (give and take), and empty hand exercises.

Nunchaku covers nunchaku stances, holds, strikes and defenses, twirls and spins, rolls, and switching.


Who can participate

We welcome anybody in the community with sincere intentions and with an open mind who wants to learn. Background in any martial art discipline is a plus but not essential.


What to expect

Due to the dynamics of Arnis and nunchaku, each practitioner in our club will progress only based on regular attendance and practice. We will encourage you to aim for individuality and creativity until you master the art. Your skills will be measured by your sustained interest and dedication. You learn at your own pace.


Key Member Benefits

  • Great all-around exercise for health
  • Great fitness and coordination
  • Improves posture and enhances reflexes
  • Easy to learn and performed effortlessly
  • Develops patience, focus, and self-discipline
  • Practical self-defence
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Very affordable term fees
  • Optional uniform


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Contact person:

  • Troy Mariano
    Training Facilitator


Club Member Creed

  • I will foster positivity within myself and avoid anything that would limit my journey towards mastery of my art.
  • I will develop self-confidence while remaining humble.
  • I will respect others, never abusive nor offensive.
  • I will be a responsible citizen.
  • This is my Waikato Filipino Martial Arts Club.


Club Notes

The Waikato Filipino Martial Arts Club (WFMAC) realises that it is possible to cause significant physical harm through the irresponsible use of nunchakus and arnis sticks. It is for this reason that the club encourages members to use them under the supervision of the training facilitator.

The following items must be strictly observed during training:

  • Use of nunchakus or arnis sticks is for demonstrating forms and techniques, and flow drills.
  • Regularly inspect your nunchaku/arnis sticks to ensure perfect condition before use.
  • NEVER use nunchaku/arnis sticks for contact sparring without wearing any protective gear. All sparring sessions will be supervised by the training facilitator.
  • User assumes all risks of injury.



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