Waikato Filipino Association is a social and cultural non-profit organisation based in and about Hamilton City. It was founded primarily to preserve and promote Filipino ideals, values, culture and tradition - especially song and dance among Filipinos and Filipino/Kiwi families.

We have participated in local community activities for the past few years and thus have a close cultural relationship with other cultural groups in the Waikato and New Zealand as a whole.

We also provide services such as:

  • basic living skills (adaptation to new country, information to new settlers, migrants, WFA members and the Filipino community in the Waikato region)
  • education in culture (cultural traditions, social cohesion, ethnic communication language skills)
  • children's programmes
  • language, arts and culture (training and dance performance/arts and culture)
  • transmission (participation and inheritance of cultural identity)
  • enrichment of community of Filipino culture, arts and performance
  • language lessons (Tagalog).
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