1. Membership is voluntary for expatriate Filipinos and their families but it is not restricted to Filipinos alone.
  2. The membership fee is set at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.The fee amount shall be determined by the WFA Committee with an approving recommendation of a significant quorum of the WFA financial members present at the meeting.
  3. Membership tenure is from AGM to AGM.
  4. The renewal of membership subscription levy must be made by payment in full by June 8.
  5. Cessation of membership occurs:
    • with resignation
    • non-payment of membership subscription levy
    • or through significant breaches of the rules of the association by the member concerned.


  1. Eligibility for election participation and voting rights (restricted to WFA Financial Members only)
  2. Eligibility to be nominated and elected as WFA Executive Committee member (after one year WFA membership)
  3. Eligibility to be nominated and elected as WFA Officer (after one year WFA Executive Committee member)
  4. Discounted/ Free Admission-Entry fees to WFA regular/ annual social function events.
  5. Free Information, Advice, Guidance, Mediation and Support for new migrants and community assistance provided where/ when requested (ie. New Filipino settlers in Waikato).
  6. Free personal recommendations and assistance (e.g. Personal references/ letter of support).
  7. Free participation and involvement in Hamilton City Council (HCC) Community Celebrations such as Christmas Parade, Waikato Ethnic gatherings, Waitangi Day Celebration and etc…
  8. Free participation in WFA hosted and/ or organized Programmes :
    • Tagalog language courses  (Pilipino Classes)
    • Filipino cuisine
    • Lessons in traditional cultural dances (e.g. Tinikling, Pandanggo sa Ilaw, etc)
    • Health Sessions (e.g. Breast and Cervical Screening Programme for women)
    • Safety Sessions (Fire Safety Sessions and similar)
  9. Discounted/ Free participation in Filipino community social sports’ activities - e.g .basketball, volleyball, ten pin bowling, badminton, darts, etc.


WFA due to its charitable trust nature is dependent on members’ annual fees and small grants/ donations for its day-to-day existence/ funding, therefore, cannot provide outright monetary assistance to its members (ie. Bereavement, financial hardships, etc.)

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